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About The Commission

Laying the Groundwork to Ask the Question

The NH Legislative Commission on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Traumatic Brain Injury

The mission of the Commission on PTSD and TBI is to improve access to care and quality of care for veterans and service members who experience post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. The goal of the NH Legislative Commission on PTSD and TBI, established in 2011, is aimed at stigma reduction, education and military-civilian integrated care.

To that end, in 2012 the Commission developed and conducted a statewide survey of NH veterans of all eras to identify barriers to military-veteran populations accessing needed care. When asked why they were not getting the help they need, Veterans identified that one of the biggest challenges is not feeling understood by the providers who serve them. There was also a strong need to coordinate efforts between military and civilian providers while accessing care for military service.

This was the catalyst that launched the Ask the Question initiative and Military Culture Training in 2015, funded by the NH Department of Health and Human Services' Balancing Incentive Program. Asking the question will improve access to and quality of services for service members, veterans, and their families by improving service planning and referrals.

Why Ask The Question?

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